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This is just a quick update on this server..


It has been a long struggle to get this server back on line. Currently, it is running on my laptop, which is 64-bit platform, and this is creating all kinds of hassles for this site.

The most frustrating is that I cannot update the main post pages. I can only add these "quick pages" on the left, and this is the only way I can communicate with you at present.

So, this is all temporary and I have big plans for this site for when I get my ducks in a row. And I am getting there slowly. I have chapter 4 ready for publishing. I have a web cam interface to add so that you may all appreciate my new homes' location as much as I do. I have new stories to tell and much to say. Soon... Work (an an income) is obviously my priority but I am slowly getting all the pieces together so that I can have this site back to normal and the way I want it.

Thanks for staying interested..

Jim Bean.

What's this place all about ?

Created out of boredom, a need to have a voice to the world and the need to learn new technologies that are forever evolving, this web site is my outlet for things on my mind and in my life everyday on this amazing journey through life, time and space.

When you enter this site you are entering my lounge... Literally.

Leave your ish-shoes at the door, come on in, and share my world.

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